Kindergarten is such an exciting time in every child's life - and music plays a very important role in your child's development!!! In Kindergarten general music classes, not only will your child learn how to sing, sing, sing, but they will also learn how to keep a steady beat using their bodies and many different rhythm instruments. In addition, your child will listen to varying styles of music and will move their bodies in an artful way. All of these activities are the pre-literacy skills that will ultimately help your child not only learn how to read musical notation, but they will also help improve literacy skills in general.

Below, you will find a partial list of some of the songs we sing in Kindergarten (it is my hope that more songs will be added soon). Click on any song to download a PDF file of the lyrics so you can practice the songs with your child at home. Soon, I hope to include audio files to accompany the lyrics - so make sure to come back and visit. Happy singing!!!


Mrs. Powers and Mrs. Garten, General Music Teachers


Albuquerque Turkey lyricsButton You Must Wander lyricsCharlie Over The Ocean lyricsChop, Chop, Chippity Chop lyricsClap, Clap, Clap Your Hands lyricsCobbler, Cobbler lyricsCousin Peter lyricsDame Get Up lyricsDo Your Ears Hang Low lyricsEngine, Engine Number Nine lyricsFive Fat Turkeys lyricsFive Little Ducks lyricsFive Little Ladies lyricsFive Little Mice lyricsFive Little Monkeys lyricsFive Little Pumpkins lyricsFrog In The Meadow lyricsGrandma's Glasses lyricsGrizzly Bear lyricsHead And Shoulders, Knees And Toes lyricsHelp Me Wind My Ball Of Wool lyricsHey Betty Martin lyricsHickety, Pickety lyricsHorse Stood Around lyricsHot Cross Buns lyricsItsy Bitsy Spider lyricsJack-In-The-Box lyricsJennie Jenkins lyricsJohnny On The Woodpile lyricsListen, Listen lyricsLittle Mice Go Creeping lyricsLooby Loo lyricsMiss Polly Had A Dolly lyricsMuffin Man lyricsNo More Pie lyricsOnce I Caught A Fish Alive lyricsOpen, Shut Them lyricsOur Gallant Ship lyricsOver In The Meadow lyricsPeas Porridge Hot lyricsRing Around The Rosey lyricsRoll The Ball lyricsSee How I'm Jumping lyricsSee The Pony Galloping lyricsTeddy Bear lyricsTen In The Bed lyricsThere's A Cobbler lyricsTwinkle, Twinkle Little Star lyricsTwo Little Blackbirds lyricsWake Up You Lazy Bones lyricsWee Willie Winkie lyricsWheels On The Bus lyricsWilliam He Had Seven Sons lyrics